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Where to begin

How many of us stop to think about our weaknesses? We continue to push hard for the best jobs and work day and night to impress our bosses. Will impressing them improve us? If not then what will? A lot of us in this day and age are stuck with jobs where we are over worked and have no room to grow individually. As time passes by one begins to realise that being a single piece of the jigsaw is not very rewarding after all leaving you with a limited skills base and a one trick pony.

Going back a few years ago I asked myself a question, and the results still stick with me today, “To be happy and have a successful career what do I need to do”? I spoke to many business owners and highly driven individuals to find out more about making the right choices about furthering myself and I began to see a common trend in those who had elevated themselves to reach their potentials.

Invest in yourself

“If you want a career as opposed to a job, you will need to start investing in yourself. It is an investment after all as a career can last forever. But where should you begin? List out your strengths and weaknesses, and work towards growing yourself in all areas so that you can take on more responsibilities. The more experienced you become the more confident you will be to take on new challenges and deal with them effectively. There is no trick to this formula, what you put in is what you will get out of it.”

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What aspects should I focus on? In my well being triangle, there are three crucial elements including; Social, Work & Health. They all need to work in harmony and balance to uplift you and enable you to reach optimum productivity.

How to make the time

The diverse marketplace in London is both competitive and fast paced, but this environment presents many opportunities to those looking for it. Being able to handle yourself and be multi-talented has its perks and can eventually land you the best prospects with your desired career. Below I have devised a set of rules to follow to help aid personal development which cover the elements of our ‘triangle’.

1. Make time for your friends & family
Taking a break from work and expanding your social skills will make you a more approachable, self confident and valuable individual. So don’t make an excuse the next time you get than invite!

2. Leadership & Public Speaking
Whether you want to be in a lead role or not, its vital to have experience taking charge from time to time. Prepare for a presentation to share with your peers or attend a networking event where you represent your own business. These will all help get you out of your shell and build your confidence.

3. Set your Goals and be Disciplined
Use your evenings and weekends to invest in your personal development. Stick to the timings and ensure you leave enough time get a good sleep to avoid over working your mind. As you achieve your goals, continue to set new ones and document your progress.

4. Take up Exercise
Pushing yourself in physical activity releases stress, and simply help pump ‘happy’ chemicals into your brain making you feel good and thus improving the state of your mind.

5. Nutrition
Everyone has heard the saying…”You are what you eat” Well, its true! Eat on time and eat healthy. This will help keep you looking great and aid you during the tougher tasks that lie ahead.

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