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Digital Marketing Strategy

What is it?
In this digital age we are surrounded by technology. It’s never been so easy to send messages, images or videos across various platforms. As a result, people are now digesting content on the go regularly via their computers, iPads and mobile devices. The emergence of this new digital marketing approach is now widely recognised and is fast becoming an industry standard. The strategy usually involves promoting a brand or it’s products using new modern marketing channels which will include a combination of; Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Online Advertising, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing and Email Marketing.

Do you need an optimised digital strategy? 
Below we look at some of the most common pitfalls and misconceptions behind not having developed a Digital Marketing Strategy yet. Do these apply to you?

1. You are lost
You have no clear plan to achieve your goals and continue to set them.

2. Competitors will gain market share
If you don’t take advantage of marketing online, your competitors will reach those customers.

3. You are not developing your campaign
It is a continual process. You must optimise your campaign through trial and error logging your success along the way.

4. Misconception that the target audience is a younger crowd
People of all age groups can be targeted through online marketing so, don’t be afraid to connect with them.

5. Traditional approaches are the only way
All leading Brands and Organisations, along with your customers have embraced the Digital age, so should you!

The Benefits  
You can see that it is easy for businesses to fall behind on evolving with the digital age. Now we’ll look at how you can benefit from having a Digital Marketing Strategy in place for your business:

1. Cheaper
By refining your marketing to reach specific audiences, your spend is more likely to reach an audience that is engaged and provides a greater return on investment.

2. Social Media for new customers
63% of the entire UK population are active on social media. It provides a free platform for you to interact with new audiences that you could never have reached offline.

3. Understand your market
Digital marketing can give you greater insight into what your customers are interested in. Keep up to date with what trends they follow.

4. Mobile friendly 
On average, we spend 3 to 4 hours a day on our mobile devices. By ensuring your marketing is mobile friendly, you are easily approachable & always an arms length away from your customers.

5. Follow your campaigns success
By monitoring campaign response you could gain invaluable insight into the number of people that were exposed to the campaign, clicked on the ad and searched for your services.


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