Design Workshop

The creative industry is growing, and we now are more involved in shaping our brands than ever before. Our workshops are designed to help people get valuable hands on experience as if they were in a live design project themselves. In order to understand this process in detail we provide different workshop’s seasonally to meet different needs of our attendees I.e startups, existing businesses or design students. We strive to make it our sessions simple, easy to follow and engaging. Our aim is for you to understand what people need and how to convert that into relevant insights for the business, and essentially into a service. We only take on five people per seasonal term as we focus on giving attendees our full attention. As a result we can only select via application only via the booking form below.

Sessions Structure

✔  The full session lasts 3 hours
✔  There are 4 sessions per seasonal Workshop
✔  Each Workshop equates to 12 hours

* Limited Availability *

*There is usually a fee associated to this service, however during these challenging times we are offering free one to one branding support sessions for those in need. This is for additional strategic direction and guidance tailoring sessions to your specific needs. Please email us at if this would be useful to your business.

Summer - Bridging the gap

Creative Industry Insight
Aimed at: Graphics, Art and Design Students
Description: Students looking for industry insight.
Closing Date: 9th August 2023

4 Workshop sessions covering:
- How to get started?
- What is your style?
- What services can you offer?
- Understanding requirements
- Project Management
- Live Design Task
- Business Development
- Q&A

Autumn - Let’s get started

Brand Creation and Values
Aimed at: Start up businesses
Description: An experience creating your brand.
Closing Date: 18th October 2023

4 Workshop sessions covering:
- What is your business purpose/aim?
- What is the name of your brand?
- What does your logo say about your business?
- What does your typography say about your business?
- What do the colours chosen say about your brand?
- What is the message your brand is sending?
- Brand examples and process behind brand generation.
- Q&A