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Improving your Brand Recognition

Let’s start with how we define brand recognition. It’s the way consumers can relate to and distinguish one brand from another. Looking into what makes up a brand, we will find various attributes such as the logo, typeface, tagline, product packaging and supporting marketing materials. The key to bringing all of these together is ‘consistency’, which connects the target audience to the brand i.e. colour palette, style & experience.

Once you have a distinct brand you will need to promote your business online. This involves creating a Digital Marketing Strategy online via SEO, Social Media & Email Marketing to help stand out from the crowd. During this process we have identified a few steps that can help improve your brand recognition, so sit back and have a look at the points below:

1. Connect with your Customers
If you are open to connecting with your customers, you are more likely to get a response. Having interaction with the target audience is instrumental in building and shaping your brand as well as understanding what your customers want. You can achieve this through social media platforms, face-to-face customer service and E-Newsletters. Feedback is essential to know your market position and what needs to be implemented to develop your brand.

2. Show Consistency
As mentioned earlier consistency is the key to brand recognition. In order to stay in the minds of your customers, they must be able to resonate with your brand and understand what image you are trying to portray. The approach needs to be cross platform, applied on your website, advertising and promotional prints.

3. Stand for something
Does your company have values? Are they ethical? Remember, every good brand will have a story and convey a particular style to stand out from the crowd. You need to invest time in highlighting whats important to your brand and ensuring it is sending out the right message to the target market.

4. Create an Experience
The look, feel and sound experienced by the customer will determine how your brand is perceived in the marketplace. You want to give a good account of your brand through excellent customer service, trust and performance. By providing value to your customers in this way, you will keep them and they will spread the word.

5. Be Transparent
Outline your brand mission and don’t be afraid to be open about it. I.e Intention to be a market leader or most innovative. Customers are more likely to join you and accept a brand that has a bold persona and relatable attribute. Being honest and open will only encourage them to like you and want to know more, which will later help build the relationship to shape the brand further and build on your fundamentals.


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