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How can I increase my productivity?

Many of us live busy lifestyles that can be taken over by work. Usually we find that there are many tasks that keep building up in the day and not enough time. Managing how we work and when, can bring benefits to our productivity levels.

Do you feel like everything was accomplished at the end of your day?

To be more productive you’ll require careful planning and dedication. Getting an early start and having more time for focus sessions can be a great place to begin. To get the right balance though, there are many other factors to consider.

In this post, Branding London delivers you 8 effective ways of reaching your goal to maximise your productivity for 2018.

1. You are what you eat
Everyone has heard the saying…”You are what you eat”. Well, its true! Eat on time and eat healthy. A diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables will boost your health. This will help keep you looking great and aid you during the tougher tasks that lie ahead.

2. ‘9 to 5’ sleep
Yes that’s right! Get an early start to the day focusing your mind and planning for the time ahead. This will avoid rushing to work and allow you plenty of time to have breakfast. Winding down earlier at night will ensure an adequate 8 hours of sleep allowing you to maintain that early 5am start.

3. Stay motivated 
Read success stories and be inspired by those around you. The positive energy will elevate your mood and aid your mindset. Setting a goal and getting excited about it may sound silly but, it is an important ingredient to remaining motivated and being successful in your endeavours.

4. Get organised 
The early start can help you to achieve this, allowing you to plan your day ahead in good time without feeling rushed. Your approach will naturally be calmer and give you an edge, with your thoughts being more collective. Make use of reminders on your phone app and set your goals so you can monitor them.

5. Take up exercise
Pushing yourself in physical activity releases stress, and simply helps pump ‘happy’ chemicals into your brain making you feel good and thus improving the state of your mind. You’ll also feel less tired, even with those early starts!

6. Stay hydrated 
Our brains are made up of around 85% water. Staying well hydrated can help you avoid headaches, slow reaction times and poor concentration affecting mood, motivation and mental ability.

7. Don’t get distracted 
Whether it is your phone that keeps going off or a colleague that keeps pestering you, there are steps you can take to stay focused. Start with putting your phone on silent when at work, only checking during breaks and finding a quiet place to work during the tasks that require more attention.

8. Take breaks 
Organising your day and taking regular breaks ensures that you remain focused and productive. Working for no longer than 90 minutes, followed by a break will avoid ‘burnout’ and improve your productivity. Getting some fresh air and getting away from your work station can allow your mind to relax and make you more alert when returning to the task at hand.


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