WintaHill – Re-Branding

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A Brand re-design usually occurs when the current identity does not fully represent the business.

The brand is ‘WintaHill’ and the story behind it is of a young musician and his journey to reach success. I was given the name and current logo by the client, and tasked with creating a more suitable brand to represent the unique ‘hip hop’ style reflected in his music.

There are many different elements which I have incorporated into the design; the white ‘keyboard’ keys which makes up a ‘W’ in a font that conveys a modern hip hop style. The middle of the ‘W’ typeface can also be perceived as a hill shape, illustrating the musical journey he had been on. In additional to this I placed the black keys on top shaped as ’trees’ with the contrast landscape playing on the ‘winter’ element of the brand.

The supporting graphics alongside the logo create a very strong brand that holds a lot of emotion. We achieved this using a combination of black and white with a less vibrant colour palette.