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    Social media marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of online marketing using social networking websites such as Facebook. Twitter and Instagram.

My client is a London based art director and lifestyle blogger. His vision was to create a website and a logo to fit the name Vow4forty. The inspiration behind the name is about keeping a promise or goal for 40 days and recording the journey to achieve it. The target market are individuals interested in reflection, self improvement and setting new life goals and challenges.

I created the brand logo, designed the the website/blog and social media artwork. The logo represents light at the end of a tunnel after the 40 days of keeping a promise. The logo can be visualised as two forms of light; a candle from birds eye view or sunlight.

The blog linked to our social media channels so that users could share their journey, and form an online community. This increased awareness and traffic to our main website. The Instagram artwork aimed to do something out of the box to capture the attention of followers. We did this by creating tiled artwork using multiple blended images to form a large collage.