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Brand development ensures that communications with the consumer are consistent, building brand familiarity, loyalty and the perception of quality. Communicating within brand guidelines can help businesses to deliver this consistency.

Ordering food online has grown in popularity over the years creating a new market in itself. Existing successful companies like ‘JustEat’ are well established, but have struggled to get high end restaurants on board. My client wanted to fill the gap and cater to a higher end market, specialising in delivering a wide range of cuisines to customers, whilst providing restaurant owners with a more personal service.

They wanted something fun and unique to suit the brand name ‘Luv to Eat’. I began with the design of the primary logo, creating the typography using elements of cutlery i.e spoon, fork and knife to add some character and personality to the brand. The wording was placed onto a plate shape to complete the look. With the core image in place, I then focused on developing the brand guideline including variations of all icons, imagery and content. This was incorporated into the app / web user interface which was developed to be very user friendly and easy on the eye.