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Brand strategy is a long-term plan for the development of a successful brand, in order to achieve specific goals.

Healthcure is taking a new approach to the patient doctor relationship; bringing together health professionals from multiple disciplines to work actively together and provide a holistic care experience. The company aims to focus on all aspects of wellness increasing the quality of care
given to patients.

I had creative freedom in the brand generation and strategy process for this project from start to finish, including the name generation, branding, website design and brand strategy plan. My strategic objective was to create a brand which was not only more approachable than the current competitors in the healthcare industry, but also to convey the superior quality and professionalism of our practice. By consistently placing an importance on the personalised service and time spent with patients in our marketing communications, we have positioned ourselves as serious contenders in the healthcare industry.

The strong and serious tone is also reflected in the artwork using clean lines and dark bold colours. The approachability and human connection is brought out by the soft typography and the use of the red heart. Together they produce a brand that is uniquely identifiable, memorable and represents the vision of my client.