BBC – The Apprentice: Brand Recognition

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    BBC - The Apprentice 2014

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    Brand recognition

Brand recognition is when you can identify a brand by it’s attributes i.e unique look and feel.

The Apprentice has been one of the BBC’s most popular show’s over the last decade, with Lord Sugar, Karren Brady & Nick Hewer starring as the familiar faces looking to hire the next best business prospect.

In 2014 I was given the opportunity to work alongside some of the finalists including ‘Mark Wright (Winner) and Bianca Miller (Runner up) to produce luxury packaging for candles they had produced. I created a branding solution which the team was very happy with, and suited the brand name ‘Beach Dreams’. The package design was highlighted as the main selling point during the task review, with the team successfully selling off their stock to high end retailers and shoppers passing by their market stalls. During the analysis of the task ‘Lord Sugar’ described the product… “This is neat, the product looks quality…this looks good”.

The show highlighted my strength of being able to work under pressure, and illustrated my problem solving abilities and communication skills, with the design meeting the requirements of the candidates.