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Is my Website up to date?

Having a strong online presence in this modern digital age is a great competitive advantage for your business. A professional website can entice potential customers, who may be interested in your portfolio and the services you provide. It gives someone an insight into who you are and what you do before approaching you!

Along with technology advances, website design has also evolved. There are several elements to include in the planning the visual aesthetics of a website, covering webpage layout, content production and graphic design. Good web designs created today should be completely responsive and optimised for different screen sizes to look great, and work smoothly on any device. Each business is different, and so its important to get a bespoke service tailored to your needs.

Whether you have an existing website or are looking to create one, consider the following points in helping to define the attributes of what makes a good modern site.

1. Security
How secure is my website? An older website will rely upon old technology, which can be hacked easier and quicker than a more up to date version. Keeping your website modern reduces the chances of losing your files and having to start all over again.

2. Branding
Does my website reflect my brand? If your brand has moved forward and does not coincide with the look and feel of your website, it’s probably doing more damage to your business image. Ultimately the message you are sending to your potential clients is not representing the business and therefore you risk reaching the wrong target audience.

3. Target Audience
Who is my target audience? One of the most common mistakes in branding is trying to appeal to everyone. The target audience should be defined from the beginning to ensure your messaging is relevant, targeted and specific.

4. Responsive
Is my website responsive? A new website will use up to date css code which makes your website responsive and adapt to any screen size or mobile device. This will also decrease your site loading time and give your users a more enjoyable experience.

5. SEO
Have you incorporated SEO? Search engine optimisation is great marketing tool for increasing traffic to your website. This is achieved through selecting keywords, incorporating them into your content and using back links. Keeping content updated on your site will increase your website ranking on Google and get you out there!

Leading brand agencies have a wealth of experience across industries and their portfolios can be inspiring. They many unique designs over the years for all types of businesses from startups to large corporations. For more information about how to brand a website please visit Branding London

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